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Auto & Truck Restylers offers two excellent lines of customizable truck caps— A.R.E. and SWISS.

Both lines offer a variety of styles and options in fiberglass, aluminum and commercial grade products. Stop by the Auto & Truck Restylers showroom for a personalized estimate on the cap of your choice. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer your questions and help you select the products that will best meet your needs and budget.


Swiss pickup truck caps

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Swiss HDU (Heavy Duty Unit)

Swiss HDU model pickup truck cap for contractors

The Swiss HDU is one of the only commercial caps on the market that can be completely designed by you and the configurations are limited only by your own imagination. Its rugged construction will endure years of heavy use.


Options include:

  • · Various door and window configurations

  • · Variety of cap heights

  • · Roof Style options

  • · Ladder Racks

  • · Tool Boxes/Shelving options

  • · Sliding and fold-down trays

  • · Painted to match company trucks

  • · Half gate rear doors

A.R.E. & Swiss Caps are:

• Fully Customizable with many options available

• Available in fiberglass, aluminum & commercial grade styles

• Estimates available for custom caps



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A.R.E. offers a complete line of truck caps, including fiberglass caps, aluminum caps, toolbox caps, and contractor-style caps.

All A.R.E. caps are proudly made in USA and A.R.E. supports the Wounded Warrior Project. A.R.E. fiberglass caps have a lifetime limited warranty.


A.R.E. TW Series truck caps.

A.R.E. TW Series cap


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